3 Unusual Hen Party Ideas

If one of your best friends is about to get married, now is the time to start planning the hen party. Traditional hen parties involve a lot of alcohol, dancing, food and perhaps a saucy show from a stripper. However, increasing numbers of hens are now enjoying more unusual hen parties which offer more excitement than the usual night out. Skydiving Is there a better way to embrace the danger and thrill of being alive than throwing yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane?

Why a Bus Charter Service for a School Formal Is a Good Idea

It might seem like only yesterday that you were taking your son or daughter to school for their very first day, and now it's time for their school formal! You obviously want them to have an unforgettable time, and yet you want to do everything you can to ensure that they stay safe on their big night. This is why utilising bus charter services on the night in question can be a fantastic way to make sure that the night remains under control, and that everyone gets to where they're going in the safest way possible.

Get me to the airport in time (during peak hour)

If you need to make a flight in time, it's important to plan ahead and make sure that you have enough time, particularly if you need to get to the airport during peak hour. Here is a quick comparison of some of the options.  Taxi Getting a taxi to the airport can be a reasonable option because cab drivers will talk to each other to work out the best route, and they will usually be able to avoid traffic if they want to.

Travel Smart: Tips for Bus Hire

Hiring a bus is a practical way to organise a cost effective trip. Coach and bus hire help to spread the cost of fuel and rental fees while enabling everyone to arrive at the point of destination at the same time. This can really help when organising a trip where a strict time schedule in needed and there is a real danger that people will get lost and arrive late. However, on a socialising front it offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the drive and have a good chat before you reach your destination.

Proper Etiquette For Your First Wine Tasting Tour

If you are planning on going on a wine tasting tour, but don't have much experience wine tasting in general, now is the perfect time to learn. While many people go on these tours without much experience with wine, there are some etiquette rules you should keep in mind. Avoid Wearing Strong Scents This might seem silly, but it is actually really important when you are wine tasting. Many people want to smell the scent of their wine during the wine tasting process, which is difficult to do when their nose is overwhelmed by the smell of your fragrance.